Qutlugh Khan

Qutlugh Khan
   A Turkish slave noble and one of the rivals of Balban who engineered the latter's removal from the position of na'ib in 1252-1253. Qutlugh Khan married Sultan Nasir al-Din Mahmud's mother in 1255, which is believed to have alienated the sultan from him. After Balban's reinstatement as na'ib, Qutlugh and his wife (the sultan's mother) were ordered to take up residence in Awadh, which formed Qutlugh's iqta'. Subsequently, Qutlugh Khan's relations with the central authorities headed by Balban re-mained strained. He was accused of encroaching on the territory of Badaun and was replaced in 1256 in Awadh by Arslan Khan, a known supporter of Balban. Qutlugh Khan resisted this order and was driven out of Awadh. He was forced to take refuge with the chief of Simur in Tirhut.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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